Allison Goodnight is a traveling painter and tattooist. She has had several exhibits over the past 10 years in Montana, Oregon, California, and New Zealand. Goodnight is predominately self taught, with a semester in collage occupied by photography. In 2014 she got her tattoo apprenticeship. Since then she has mainly concentrated on tattooing and painting, finding the symbiotic relationship between the two. Before pursuing tattooing goodnight spent years focusing on sculpture with found objects and textile, playing music in a noise band, performance in a variety show, and constructing fashion with recycled goods. Goodnight grew up in a family owned camera shop and dedicated time studying and growing a relationship with her Pentax k 1000 and the world around her. Allison lovingly lost hours in the dark room and combined sewing onto her photos. Her inspirations are nature, people, processing emotion, transformation and cycles. She's also drawn to different cultures, textures, sounds, science and fascinated with religious and spiritual imagery.  She finds it an effective way of relating to people and hopes to encourage empathy for oneself and others.